UX Writing

3 UX Writing Tips for the Empty States

1. Motivate users in Empty States area

As soon as the user visit to your site and click on the cart, don’t show them the basket with such a common and boring words like –

  • a) Your cart is empty.
  • b) There are no items in your cart.
  • c) you haven’t placed any order yet.

Its better to show them the feature’s potential and motivate them to start using it. Instead of saying  that order is not placed, write about how to place order if the user is visiting first time on your site and tell them about what this feature does and how it can help them.

For example

a) “Your cart is currently empty” Choose the best  product and make it full.

2. Provide offers if applicable

You can also motivate your user by giving them some offers in the Empty States so that they will start with some action.

For example 

  • “Your shopping bag is currently empty.
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders over $75”!

3.Empty States of Search Results

The content of Empty States of Search results can also be written in a good manner which can guide users towards  in searching the correct thing.

For example 

  • Don’t 

“No results could be found”. 

  • Do 

No results could be found.Please try another search term.