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6 UX Writing Tips for Sign up Form

UX Writing Tips

1. Give reason for sign up

We know that each and every website asks for a sign up if we want to join them. And this is a very irritating job for all of us. So when a user comes to your sign up page, the first thing is to give them a good reason to sign up. You tell them some of the benefits they get after signing up the page. Add the real benefits you are providing to them, don’t put any fake one just for the sake of filling the form. And I am sure, they will happily fill the form.

2. Adding welcoming words with the title

Change the title of the sign up page. Don’t use technical and boring title such as register, sign up, create an account etc. Instead you can use some logical title which gives smile on the user face as soon as he/she reads it. The title with some welcoming words such as Welcome xyz ..,Glad to meet you, Good to see you looks very motivating. It motivates user to carry on the process.

3. Asking necessary details

Don’t ask too many details from the user and make your form lengthy. It gives a wrong impression. By seeing the lengthy form, some of the users will turn away from there only and quit away quickly. Keep your form as short as possible. Ask only necessary details useful to your site. 

4. Copy for Button

The content for the button should be worthwhile to click it. For example, instead of sign up or register, you can use the content like Join our team, become a member, Get Started and so on.

5. Don’t use the word “User”

Never call your users “users “ , so don’t write New user , Existing user, or Login for registered users. Its technical and boring. Use conversational writing such as Existing customer and Login for registered member. 

6. Sign up through social media

Signing up through social media had become the latest trend but still it seems to be difficult for users to trust on it. So if you want to make them sign up through social media like google or facebook, just add some value on top like –

 It takes few seconds to sign up, easy process without filling the form. 

Also another reason may stop them to sign through social media is because their private details may come up in the public. So promise them to guard their privacy by adding one more sentence like-

  • Promise to maintain your private details because it’s our responsibility.
  • Your privacy is important to us and will maintain.
  • We will never post without your permission.