UX Writing

8 UX Writing Tips for Placeholders

1. Separate the text of labels and placeholders

No point in repeating the same information twice. Use placeholder text to help users understand how the data is expected to be entered. If the field is already having the same details like label, they are likely to get confused that the the details are already filled. And this will help them to  skip the field completely. So try to keep the text of both-label and placeholder different. The solution of this problem is it is better to keep the field empty if you don’t get any other text different from the label. It looks really good and simple form. Or add something extra in the field to motivate the user.

2. Location of the text in the placeholder

We had seen in many forms that as soon as the users starts tying inside it, the text inside the field disappears which strains users. If the user forgets the hint, which people often do while filling out long forms, he has to delete what he wrote and, in some cases, click away from the field to reveal the placeholder text again. In such case, users have to entirely focus when filling out the form. So it is better to move the text above or outside the field instead of disappearing completely.

3. Asking personal details in an interesting way in the placeholder like-

  • What are you searching for ?
  • What are you interested in ?
  • What’s on your mind ?
  • How can we help you ?

4. Giving options to choose

  • For search field – Pickup list of articles
  • For Location field- Pick up list for City, State, Country

5. Giving examples

Sometimes the placeholder used in the term of giving example helps a lot to the user to get the correct knowledge of the field and its use.

  • In the email section – [email protected]
  • In the search button- Find a shoes For eg ..Woodland , Bata  

6. Guiding Placeholder

Sometimes website throw the open question to the user to know about him or to his field, his business etc and the user don’t know what to answer, how t answer, how many details should he describe and so on. So it will be easy for them if the placeholder will guide them by giving some guiding example. This will motivate them to complete the action.

  • Anything else you would like to tell us about your business ?

Tell us how long you would have been open for, how many venues you operate etc.

7. Remove obstacles

Some websites ask such a challenging questions which makes user stop giving the answer. They are unable to answer and they feel as if his/her answer might be not suitable to the question. So placeholder text should be written in such a way that it removes this obstacle.

For example,

I am

  • A man looking for a woman
  • A woman looking for a man
  • A man looking for a man
  • A woman looking for a woman

8. Placeholder just for fun

Here, you don’t have to write a joke in the placeholder but the text which which makes little fun and also helps easily to user to fill the form. Put the details of some movie or serial character in the field to give a smile on the users face.

There is an example  for each and every field