UX Writing

4 UX Writing Tips for Password Recovery

1. Content should be short and simple

For password recovery, keep your content short, simple and effective. There is no need to elaborate the content in this place. Already user is frustrated as he had forgotten his password, so be careful and write as much clear and short as possible. You can just add small explanation like “Please provide your email address. We will send you a link to reset password” 

2. Use positive tone

 Instead of writing in a negative way “ Forgot your password” , write it in the positive way “ Reset your password”.

3. Provide clear instruction after taking action

It’s important to provide clear instruction when user submits email or phone number to reset the password. It helps users to take further steps. 

4. Provide clear confirmation message after resetting password

It is important for the user to get the confirmation message after resetting the password. So provide them with clear confirmation message like “Your password has been updated”. So they will feel relax after reading this message.