UX Writing

7 UX Writing Tips for Newsletter Sign Up

1. Give reason for newsletter subscription

“Sign up for our newsletter” ,  “Join our newsletter” its all boring title. Add some reason, some benefits the user get after signing up for your newsletter. While adding benefits, be clear and specify them. Don’t just say, “Sign up for our newsletter and get the exclusive offers” or “Sign up for the latest news.” Define the offers and the latest news you are actually giving to them.

For eg.Sign up for our newsletter to get 10% off on your first order. 

            Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news about clothing, footwear etc.

2. Choose correct place for newsletter notification

As soon as the user visit to your site, don’t show the notification of the newsletter like a pop-up displayed on the screen or by scrolling down a bit. It will be really a painful and irritating for them. Just give them some time like 3-4 minutes to know about your site, your product and then give them the notification. If you try to drop down the notification as soon as they enter, it is useless to make them convince as they are totally unaware about your site.Its better to put the notification down somewhere on the page so there will clear knowledge of your site by the time they reach down.

3. Promise not to spam

Here also, you need to promise user never to spam them by using their email id. 

4. Exit anytime

Also it is better to give them facility of unsubscribing the newsletter anytime. So you can just add the short content related to this. This will surely motivates them to click the button.

5. Attractive button

Write the attractive content in the button to make user take a quick decision. Don’t write the words like submit, sign up etc. Write the words like Join, Become a member etc.

6. Confirmation message

Give the clear cut confirmation message after they had successfully given their email id which makes them curious and expectant to receive their first newsletter.For eg

  • Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter
  • Great ! Ready to have the latest news in your inbox

7. Error message

Write the error messages in such a way that it doesn’t disappoint the user. As it is they are sad by seeing the error on the screen. So just talk politely to them and request them to find their mistake and correct it. Don’t say – Invalid email address, instead say Please enter the correct email id.