UX Writing

3 UX Writing Tips for Log In Form

1. Adding welcoming words with the title

Instead of using only Log In or Registered Users , used the words that show the feeling that you are really welcoming the customers. The words such as Welcome back, Great to have you back should be added with the title Log In to make the title more attractive.

2. Show Advantage for Log In

It is also important to show some advantages on the login page like –

  • The Design Website can give such a benefit like “ Save your logo and download the design you like”.
  • Flipkart is giving the benefit like “ Access to your orders, wishlist, and recommendations.”

3. Don’t use the word “User”

Never call your users “users “, so don’t write New user, Existing user, or Login for registered users. It’s technical and boring. Use conversational writing and vary it.