UX Writing

6 UX Writing Tips for Button

1. Keep the text very short and attractive

The text of the button should be very short and attractive. The button is called CTA button, means Call-To-Action button. So your text should be such that it motivates users to do some action instead of just looking at it in a boring way. The words should point out the values which the user will get after clicking on it instead of showing what action they have to do.

For example

Don’t use single word such as 

 Register, sign up, submit 

Use words such as 

Get Started, Join Now , Send Message — these are all words that suggest action and momentum.

2. Use timing words showing urgency

The words like “Now“ , “Today” call the urgency and push the people to click the button. 

For example

Download now, Order Now, Send Now, Book Now, Get Today, Get started Today, Subscribe Today

3. Consistent message

The consistency in your message will make you a better UX writer. Your message should be relevant to your whole content of the website. This helps your user to understand your message clearly without any confusion. Everywhere , the text of Call-To-Action should be same . If you are using “learn More” instead of “ View more”, everywhere you keep “Learn More” only. 

4. Address User properly

Use the language in either first person ( I, My ) or in the second person ( You, Yours )  depending on the situation.

For example 

First person

  • My Account
  • My Contacts

Second person

  • View Your Post
  • See Your Profile
  • View your Dashboard

5. Click Triggers

Short sentences written next to the button which call for an instant action is called Click Triggers. It helps to take a quick decision. It can be in the side , above or under the button used at many place such as in newsletter, sign up page , for downloading, for sales purpose etc. It also shows value the user get from it after clicking it.

For example

Get Discount, Get the free Guide, Download now and get 10% off, Download Resources, Show me my Heatmap, Try it free for 30 days

Using positive words will increase positivity in the users and will have a great rush on your website. Generally, people feel more optimistic when they see words like “Yes!”

6. Use positive words

For example

  • Yes, Let’s start the free course
  • Yes, I want to work with Neil
  • Yes, please