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UX Writing: 11 Examples of Newsletter Sign Up


The user will definitely sign up the page after reading the heading of the Google newsletter. Who will not be interested in getting the latest news? They will inform users with new marketing research, consumer trends, best-in-class case studies and much more with best UX writing. They also promise to send e-mail on users interested content on “Think with Google “. Users just have to select the topic of interest. Also, they will make the user aware of updates of various topics which is given below:

a ) YouTube Re:View

b ) Google Marketing Platform

c ) Google Publisher Connection 

d ) Google Best Practices 

And last but not the least , promising to maintain the privacy of users information and giving option to quit anytime .

2. Flipkart Stories

Users see these update invitations, like the first boring category, all the time. The invitation could appear on practically any site, and it leaves the users guessing how they’ll benefit from signing up for that specific newsletter. The subscription form consists of various interesting questions. They allow the user to select their interesting content from the given options. They also ask a question such as “How did you find out about Flipkart Stories? And gives the options for same to select.

3. Oura ring

“The Science Of Sleep, In Your Inbox “. Just in this one sentence, Aura tells it’s advantages which is the best UX writing. It shows that it studies the human’s sleep and inform it to the user by sending a message into their inbox if they subscribe it.

4. Veneziano Coffee Roaster

Veneziano provides clear value of getting $10 OFF on your first order and also promise to send updates about the sweet deals time to time.

5. Couple Diamonds

It’s just a simple, common and boring title -“ Sign up for our newsletter”, Which is common writing, not UX writing. Moreover, they tell about the benefits of signing up the page but it’s better to be more specific and relevant to its unique brand. Updates, news or the latest offers are not enough.

6. The Sill

The website is giving chance to be the first to hear about exclusive promos, promise to update plant care tips and many more things.

7. Lucky Goat Coffee

The website tells about never to miss out the chance of signing their newsletter and insist users to stay in contact to get up-to-date on new products, promotions and all things about coffee.

8. East Fork

The website is related to pottery who is making ceramic and durable dinnerware but the title which they had put for subscribing their newsletter “Be our (virtual) neighbor “ and the line “Thoughtful thoughts to your inbox” given under the title doesn’t go with their work. Its totally getting mismatch. It seems like the website had created the newsletter to confuse the user which is a bad example of UX writing..

9. Made

They promise to mail a voucher of 10 pound off on the first order over 50 pound .The offer is given to attract the users towards them and help them to get more subscriptions.

10. Allina Abegg Jewels

The website is informing that good things come to those who sign up for their newsletter. They had some good things the customer will get after signing up the newsletter.Moreover, they will also provide free shipping on the first order.

11. Aleccobakery

To make the user sign up for newsletter, the site is promising to serve the fresh bakery items by saying it in a humorous way – “FRESH FROM THE OVEN TO YOU”. And also promise to never spam and gives the facility of unsubscribe in just one click.