UX Writing

UX Writing: 10 examples of Contact Us


The contact page of “Champo” create a trust for users by saying that “We are here to help”. They address their contact form to be very short to fill and promises to respond to users inquiry as soon as possible by giving the estimated response time of 24 hours, Which is the best example of UX writing.

2. Veneziano

How nicely they had done UX writing and expressed themselves in-front of the user as if they are talking live to the user. In contact us page, it is mentioned that “We love coffee. You love coffee. Let’s talk.” It gives a social feeling to the user. They invite people to talk with them freely about any suggestions or want to know anything else.

3. The Sill

The website is not asking any details of the user for getting in touch with them. They had just given their email id  and phone number if the user want any help regarding plant care or anything else. So there will be no fear in the mind of the user to get spam as it the most common obstacle that stops users from signing up for a mailing list. 

4. Drroebuck’s

It is a very common way of telling users to contact as if you are giving an order instead of welcoming users on your site. Who are going to contact you if you are receiving in this way? Very rare .

5. Focals by North

The website is showing their concern that they are there for the user if users are having any questions. Further, downwards they had given FAQs related to many topics which are very good but before giving FAQs, they could have added one sentence or instruction on top of it like “Check out our FAQs given below for general questions with a good UX writing.”

6. Maple and Cotton

“Feel free to contact us with any questions“. This first sentence makes us feel relax as they are ready to face any question asked from the user side. “We would love to hear from you” shows their happiness but they could be a bit specific to show their happiness in the term of solving problems of the user by promising them to answer their questions like “We will do our best to sort out all your queries related to our product “ or “We would love to give answers of your questions”. One good thing is that they are not asking to fill up any contact form. So there is no tension to get spam which is the best example of good UX design and writing.

7. Studio-Son of a Tailor

The website doesn’t exist with any contact form. They just asked users to visit their FAQ or write them in the chat or contact them on the website given by them for any questions.

8. King $ Tuck-field

Very old and boring method to get in touch with the website through writing an e-mail on the given website or filling the form. It won’t motivate the user to do any action due to bad design and UX writing or perhaps very fewer users will try to contact them.

9. Jonesy

The contact form made by JONESY is very short and clear. They had clearly mentioned about various information and presented support pages on the site . For each type of questions, different support pages are available . It would hardly take 2-3 minutes to fill the form for the user which is the best example of UX design and writing.

10. Numera Lighting

The contact us page of this website is written in a very soft language. Here it is :

“Let us be your resource in creating beautiful spaces. Your inquiries, requests, and ideas are most welcome.”

They are assuring that they are there as our resource who will  help us to create beautiful spaces. Also they are welcoming users with their inquiries, requests, and ideas.