UX Writing

UX Writing: 9 Examples of Sign Up Form

1. Flipkart

Flipkart promises the user to keep their personal details safe by not sharing with anyone, Which is the best user experience that shows trust with UX writing. It is just an easy process of sign-up by just giving a phone number and nothing else.

2 . Amazon

It is the simplest form of writing content like any other common form does which doesn’t include any motivation for users which is a common way of writing not a UX writing. It doesn’t say anything that will stop them from giving up and leaving.

3. Grofers

Users will really hate this type of login page where it starts by directly asking the phone number. It is asking the details without giving any strong reason which is a bad user experience but this can be improved with better UX writing. It’s a matter of privacy, so it is difficult to get it to register from the user so easily.

4. Airbnb

Directly asking about the personal details of the user during sign-up without any effective reason will not make the user happy. Instead, it will disappoint the user.

5. Secure Teen

Never call your users “users “, so don’t write New user, Existing user, or Login for registered users. It’s technical and boring. Use conversational writing and vary it.

6. Storq

Storq mentions the benefits in a simple and clear style with some humor. if the user sign-up with them. It gives a joyful feeling to the user.

7. Dashboard Plaid

The title “build with us “ is written so well as if they are allowing us to make a new relationship with them. Then come the benefits, presented in a simple and clear style. And everywhere they had specifically mentioned “what to write’ and had also given the types of buildings from which the user is going to select.

And if still, the users are having any further queries, they had suggested to “Contact Sales” given at the bottom part of the page.

8. Iconosquare

The title of the page “Good to see you here “ makes the users feel that “Iconosquare “ had become very happy to see the people visiting their site. Their happiness is expressed by the title. No doubt, all the owners of the website is equally happy if somebody goes through their site but only a few expressed it like “Iconosquare”. Further, they mentioned about the opportunity of getting 14 days of free trial to the users if they would sign up the page without the requirement of the credit card. Further giving the option of selecting the type of field and if users want any update and information about any special offers, they can just mark it in the box to get these facilities. They too had disclosed about their work and listed out the companies who had trusted on them with the number of subscriptions.

9. Hatchful

It shows plenty of advantages before the user starts signing up the page which motivates the user to go ahead. Use of icons in front of each advantage helps the user to understand it easily. Moreover giving the option of unsubscribing the account anytime, Which is the best example of UX writing and design.