UX Writing

UX Writing: 8 Examples of Log In Form

1. Flipkart

It says how the sign in process helps to show the way to your orders, wishlist, and recommendations. It also shows that it doesn’t support log-in through any social account. So if you want to recover old data, they specify the place to click(bottom of the page) which shows the options of social accounts.

2. Amazon

It seems to be as simple as that of any common login page but one thing you can see down is – ’Need Help’. Yes, they provide help relating to any issue in signing the account or in the case of password recovery which seems better compare to other login pages.

3. Grofers

The same old process in login. No attractive content , no motivation which is a common writing not a UX writing.

4. Storq

The first sentence works very well and in an organized manner that it makes the user feel that they are really welcome and how much they are respected here. And even mention the approximate time taken for creating a new account of those who are left to sign-up.

5. Dashboard Plaid

Sign-in – You could see a simple message “Welcome Back” on the login screen which is the simple and perfect example of UX writing.

6. Iconosquare

The Login page talks about the facility of getting access to the latest insights for users social media performance. By this type of UX writing, A user can get a clear idea about the product.

7. Tability

The Login page is very simple and looks a bit improper. The language used in “ Can’t Log In ?”  Shows the incapability of the users which will be hated by the users to log in the page which is a bad example of UX writing.

8. Hatchful

Title of the Login page gives users the feeling that they are really welcome. And also gave benefits, the user will get after the login process which is the best example of UX writing.