UX Writing

UX Writing: 4 Examples of Error Messages

1. Levain bakery

In the search button as soon as users try to search some wrong things, the following error message arise


Sorry, there are no search results for “bangalore”

They are apologizing for the results they can’t find and also immediately shows the way towards a solution like “Please refine your search”, Which is the best example of UX writing.

2. Made

The website is showing the best example of UX writing on how to put the email address when users are doing some mistake in putting the correct email.

When the user is registering with the same email address again, the website is showing an error message which is somewhat like this “There is already an account with this email address. If you are sure that it is your email address, click here to get your password and access your account.”

It is informing users about having an account with the same mail address and also tells users to make surety whether it is his email address only and if yes then tell them to click there for getting password and access to their account.

3. Arlo

Here when the user is putting wrong details, they are showing error message on top of the Arlo Logo or top of the screen which is very difficult to search for the new user. He can’t find out the error so easily. Its better to show error message next to the field or below the field.

4. Grovemade

Error message of newsletter while putting the wrong email is written in a positive way- “Email must be formatted correctly” instead of “Invalid email address” or “Invalid login” which is a perfect UX writing.