UX Writing

UX Writing: 7 Examples of Empty States

1. Co.Co.

“IT APPEARS THAT YOUR CART IS CURRENTLY EMPTY!”- this line displays as soon as the users login the page of Co.Co. This indicates bad UX writing and gives a negative impact on the mind of the users. Even, users are aware of the thing that he had not placed any order, there is no need to tell them directly.

And if you want to make them aware of it, it’s better to show them the feature’s potential and motivate them to start using it. Instead of saying that order is not placed, write about how to place an order if the user is visiting first time on your site and tell them about what this feature does and how it can help them.

2. Champo

“Your cart is currently empty” is the empty states given as the users click on “My Bag”. By reading this, users will feel that the site doesn’t have much to offer and that this site won’t exactly change their lives.

3. Oura

“Your cart is currently empty


This empty states is too common but the one good thing they did is, they are trying to inform the users that if their cart is empty, choose the ring and fill up the cart. So in this way, they are preventing the users from leaving empty handed. It is to direct the users towards the next step and get them back in business. Perhaps, a button for “Choose the ring” could have given a better impact.

4. The Sill

A )“Your shopping bag is currently empty.

Enjoy free shipping on orders over $75”!

The site has directed its users to interesting parts of the shop, such as a special offer of free shipping on orders over $75. So it is a good technique to get orders with engaging UX writing.

B )No results could be found.Please try another search term.

This is the example of empty states of search results. “The Sill” suggests searching by another term which is better than “No results could be found”. At least they are guiding users in searching the correct term and this help users a lot with perfect UX writing.

5. Hims

Your cart is empty!

Oops! You have nothing here

The site is asking in a humorous way along with the graphics in which all the products are included and in the bottom part, they are adding one button in which it is written “Shop All”. They have taken care of user experience with good UX writing.

6. Reforestum

Reforestum uses the words “My Forest” which is unique as well as related to their theme. Also, they had used graphics related to the topic. It’s the unique way of writing “Looks like you have no Forests”. Also, another empty state is given down namely “My co2 Sources” which is also very unique.

7. Swallowtail Tea

The website has not used the common sentence like other websites “ Your cart is empty” but directly they are engaging users by telling them to add  $35 and enjoy free shipping. They are not telling users about what is not there in the cart. But they are telling them what they can gain from it and encourage them to use it. This is the best example of UX writing.