UX Writing

UX Writing: 10 Examples of Confirmation Message

1. CO .CO

A ) Message for sign in /sign out

After signing up or log in, users receive the following confirmation message. “Yay, Thanks for connecting! Let’s get shopping! Xo.” They are thanking users for getting connected with them and showing their eagerness to shop with us with their perfect UX writing.

B ) Message for connecting

First of all, they are thanking user for connecting with them and promise to give their best and respond to users enquiries within 48 hours. They are requesting users to keep patience and if its urgent then users are free to contact them anytime on the given number. Nicely they had shown their concern for the users.The message is given below.

“Thanks for getting in touch, we will do our best to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours but please ask 

For your patience. Of course, if your matter is urgent please feel free to contact us on 0396817878.”

2. Manual

 message for newsletter 

This is the confirmation message after signing up the newsletter -“Congrats. You’re now in the loop. What a time to be alive.” The message is very short but interesting and funny too. It conveys a true sense of co-operation by entering users into their loop. They show that it was the right time to get alive means to join their website which is little funny.

3. Veneziano Coffee Roasters

A ) message for Contact Us 

This is the message which I got after signing up the page-“Thank You ,We have received your message and will be in touch soon.” It shows the confirmation that they got the message of the user and promise to get in touch soon. But I personally think that it is better to give the specific time to the user like “Get in touch within 1 week or Get in touch within 48 hours “.It will create a good impression on the users mind and they will be ready to wait for your reply otherwise it would be a fake message for them.

B ) message for newsletter 

By subscribing the newsletter , it displays – “Welcome! A sneaky $10 is on its way. It starts with warm welcome of the user and in the funniest way that sneaky $10 is on its way.

4. Couple

 message for log in 

It just simply says “ Hi Hemali “ which is very simple. It had not added any interesting words to motivate the users.

5. Bang And Olufsen

 message for Newsletter 

Almost Done !

All you need to do now is check your inbox, you will be  receiving an email from us shortly. Open the email, click the link and you’re signed up.

The title itself is very polite and catchy which will catch the users interest to go further as it says “ Almost done ‘ .Under the title, the method of sign up is written in a very simple manner that it is easy to understand by anyone.


 message for newsletter

“ Sweet! You’ll be hearing from us soon!” This was the message which I got after signing up for the newsletter. The word “sweet” is really a nice word which give users- a smile on the face and they promise users to inform soon about any offers as they come out with it.

7. Son of a tailor

message for sign up

As soon as we sign up the page of “ Son of a Tailor”  a list of options are shown from which they asked us to select whatever we want to do. It is somewhat like this, which is given below :

Each and every option is covered with detailed information.  The fourth option is pretty good which talks about perfect fit guarantee. Generally, most of the people are having problem in fitting of the cloth when they are buying online, so by giving this option, the company has lesser the problem of  the user. Nicely they had given tips for how to measure the fitting with perfect UX writing.

8. Storq

 message for newsletter

Note that this message does not include the template “X successfully completed”, but the confirmation is still entirely clear and leaves no room for doubt with clear UX writing. This example also demonstrates the big difference design makes. The addition of a graphic or photo adds a lot to the user experience, it’s funny.

9. Handveark

 message for newsletter

Thank you, you have successfully signed up to the newsletter.

The template “X successfully signed up” serves only the first goal, to provide certainty, and it does in a boring, impersonal, detached manner. So make sure that it is not the main part of the message and provide some interesting content to achieve at least some of the other goals. It is better to refer to the person who completed the process, and not the process itself to make a better example of UX writing. For eg. Well done hemali , You won , Awesome Hemali, etc

10. Realthread

 message for newsletter

Thanks so much!

Keep an eye on your [email protected] inbox for the goods!

A message after signing up a newsletter. Gladly they are thanking us for signing their newsletter and telling users to keep an eye on their mailbox for the goods. It seems like they are giving an order to the user. It would be a positive effect on the mind of the user if they would have just added the word “Please” before starting the sentence and make it an example of good UX writing.