UX Writing

UX Writing: 9 Examples of Button Copy

1. Levain Bakery

Each of the buttons here could have been See Where, Follow Us and Shop Now, but instead, they tell the user why they have to select these buttons and how they will benefit them. They are just not showing the buttons for action, but showing the value of buttons, which makes it worthwhile clicking the button and give better user experience with UX writing.

2. Real Thread

Here the button “Get Started” motivate the user to get start without thinking for a second as they had written some motivational text above the button.

Get your shirts on-time, or we’ll pay you

You have deadlines – we have a money back guarantee. We are on-time, every time or we pay you.

Small or large orders, we handle them all

Whether it’s 20 or 20,000 t-shirts, you’ll get them in our standard turnaround time of 10 business days.”

They are highly promising to pay back the amount if they get a delay in their work. If the order is small or big, they will finish it on the given time. And in this busy world, who are going to wait so long. So its a highly encouraging line which doesn’t stop users to get started and move on.

The button “Get it Lightening Fast”  is also very important by showing the value of getting the shirts faster.

The button “Download Resources” also motivates the users to click as the website is going to provide the tools to create the best t-shirts and the best part is it is totally free.

In conclusion, each and every button of this website is supported with some useful values which help a lot to the user and give better user experience with UX writing.

3. Optix

The button” Book your 1:1 Demo” refer to the action that users need to take, but doesn’t provide the value that makes it worthwhile to click the button.

The value is given above the button which is telling to experience them for 14 days. But it would be better if this value would have been added into the button like “Free Demo for 14 days” which motivates the user to click on the button immediately.

4. Blume

Build Your Box

The website has the button “Build Your Box” which is relevant with the objective that if we build the box, they will ship it straight to our doorstep. Even the headline on top of the button is also interesting- “The box that goes with your flow”.  Also, they had shown the things which the box will be consisted of.

Download Period Guide 

The button “Download Period Guide “ is a very important button for the ladies who will be having their first period. The website is showing the benefits and information which are there in the book before putting up the button. We know that one day, all ladies are going to suffer from this period problem. And this guide helps to give information about this. So this is clearly mentioned by the website which will not stop any women to click this button as soon as she visits the website.

5. Betterbed

Here is an example of a click trigger appearing on the button itself:

“Get Deal”

6. Rapha

There are two different buttons given on the website like “Shop Men’s” and “Shop Women’s” which clearly tells that if users click on “Shop Men’s” button he will find the product related to men and if the users click on “shop Women’s” she will find her product. So both the buttons are very clear and this is the clear example of UX writing.

7. Gather

Here there is a button mentioning “GET THE FREE GUIDE” an example of a click trigger which get users to respond immediately and turn intension into action. It directly shows the value which the users will get immediately after clicking it. So values are mentioned at two places- on top of the button and inside the button itself.

8. Numera Lighting

The sign up button itself is a click trigger showing the benefit about signing up the account. 

9. Hubblecontacts

Here “Lets Go” button is very important because it shows a great benefit by clicking it. The benefit is “Get your first box of Hubble contacts for free.” So no user will loose a chance of getting contacts in free, so obviously they will click on this button.