UX Writing

6 Rules of Writing a Perfect UX Copy

UX Writing is a process of crafting UI copy to guide the user about how to use the product without speaking any word. The main goal of UX Writing is to help the users to work with the product easily and enhance user experience.

Interface of any digital products includes buttons, forms, notifications, contact page, error messages and more. These all interface has their own importance and writing, for example, UX Writing for button copy, UX Writing for error messages, etc. These are the interfaces by which a user interacts with the product. And, to enhance the user interaction with this interface, effective writing is most needed and that’s why UX Writing is an integral part of the UX Design and learning UX Writing is also part of the design process.

Tips to make your writing better

1. Avoid long sentences

Nobody wants to read long sentences and perform the task. A copy should be like user can perform their tasks with quick reading.

Don’t: You have to do login to check offers
Do: Login and Check offers 

2. Be Simple and Avoid Jargon

Always use the simple language which anyone can understand. Complex and fancy words are good in the display but it’s waste if it increases the user’s confusion.

Don’t: WDGeneralNetworkError error 500
Do: The network connection is lost

3. Focus on context

Just write a copy related to context, not anything else. Also, start a copy with the objective. 

Don’t: Enter your email and do subscription of our newsletter
Do: To get the knowledge, Subscribe to our newsletter 

4. Avoid too many negative words

Too many negative words make the users thinking negative and leads to frustration. Always practice writing a copy in a more and more positive manner.

Don’t: Login Failed, Your password is incorrect.
Do: Incorrect Password, Try again to login

5. Write in the present tense

Always be in the present and avoid future tenses.

Don’t: Your video will be downloaded in 5 minutes
Do: Video Downloading in process

6. Use numbers

To highlight the important information and data, Use number because number format is the most easier to read, understand and catch attention. 

Don’t: You have fifteen unread emails.
Do: You have 15 unread emails.